Guggenheim pressured reporter about “ties to Gulf Labor”

© Molly Crabapple for VICE
© Molly Crabapple for VICE

Art Fag City: “We have now received leaked email correspondence between the Guggenheim and Molly Crabapple while she was working on this story. These emails reveal a shocking unwillingness to provide any statement to journalists who [Guggenheim] speculate[s] might be involved in any pro-worker activist efforts, such as Gulf Labor.

Email from Elanor Goldhar, Deputy Director and Chief of Global Communications, Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation:

Molly Crabapple’s response:

Elanor Goldhar’s second email:

Crabapple’s follow-up query:

Eleanor Goldhar’s reply:

Full Report and leaked emails are here:

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